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<div style= Writing for the web is great! Good writers are always in demand, because there are many websites that need to update and add new content for their own survival. Online writing can also some money for you . But more importantly, it builds your credibility and authority. Bloggers are no strangers to online content writing. So for them it can be much more important and useful. Submitting your articles or blog posts in article folders can be a very good way to improve your statistics. It can bring many benefits for bloggers. Today we view the top 10 article folders where you can submit your articles or blog posts and benefit from them.

Why submit your articles?

The submission of articles has many advantages. First of all you can get a backlink through your author on that specific site. Most of these article folders have a 5+ PR. And if you know anything about blogging, you know how important a PR 5+ backlink is. A single high quality backlink is better than multiple low quality. It will help to increase your own PageRank.
Besides PR, these submissions will also stimulate your traffic. These folders are often visited by millions of people looking for knowledge or articles to investigate. And with your articles you can redirect part of that traffic to your own website.
Another small advantage is that you can get rid of your old or unnecessary blog posts. Many bloggers post in the beginning unimportant things just for something to write about. Many messages end too, and no traffic comes to them. Such messages are not good for anyone. So if you delete them and place them in the folders of the article, you can make use of them.

Top 10 article directories

Here is a list of the top 10 article directories where you can submit old or new articles from you and get some backlinks and traffic.

  1. The free library – PR 7
  2. EzineArticles * – PR 6
  3. ArticlesBase * – PR 6
  4. GoArticles * – PR 5
  5. Article Dashboard – PR 5
  6. Article Location – PR 5
  7. Article lane * – PR 4
  8. Article Factory * – PR 4
  9. WryteStuff * – PR 4
  10. Internet Marketing News Watch – PR 3

You can submit one item to more than one folder above. However, the directory & # 39; s marked with a sterick (*) are listed under the Account Manager of SubmitYourAccount (SYA). This means that items sent to these folders fall under the same account manager. So if you have logged in to these folders with this SYA account, you can not submit the same article to more than one of these websites. All websites with a star can be considered as a single article folder. However, you can log in without your SYA account or with another account that you may have. This way you can submit your articles to more than one of these folders.

You can register for one of these folders for free. It is usually a simple registration process. After you are logged in, you are ready to post articles. Before you send items, however, make sure that your author profile is filled in correctly and that it contains a link to your website. Most sites provide you with an HTML box in which you can add your link directly and anchor it to a text such as your name.
You can add a single article to many folders. But keep in mind their copyright before submitting them. In some folders you can already post published content, while others may not allow you to reproduce it. Make sure you look at their tasks before submitting something.
We advise you to sign up for multiple article folders, at least 5. This way you can be certain of scoring at least a backlink to your website. And if you accept your article more, well and good! The whole purpose of this exercise is to create high quality backlinks, which should be on the priority list of every blogger.

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