Case study on recent Google Outage "src =" UijXlyZeGQI / AAAAAAAALBc / 7tcWPJH_y-s / image% 25255B93% 25255D.png? Imgmax = 800 "width =" 591 "height =" 321 "/> It looks like Google is coming across Cowboy again! <a href= Forums are getting busy every day with questions about a huge drop in organic search traffic on sites about the whole world Almost all sites are run based on entertainment, IT, e-commerce or blogs on WordPress and Blogger All www domains are severely impacted by Google with 50% – 90% cruel traffic fines without prior notice or announcement Matt Bots blog and his twitter profile are both abandoned and there seems to be no update on exactly what happens Webmasters around the world have been hit hard by this biggest algorithmic change that is much larger than Panda or Penguin . to note, Google blogs, forums and employees of the company will not say a word about what just happened on 16 August [1 9459010] and 21 August?

Approximately half of our customers recently complained about a major drop in their traffic. Because we offer SEO consultancy, it is our job to keep these sites well. I was shocked by the figures I had received from their Analytics reports. A much bigger surprise was when we saw all the blogs of STC Network terribly hit with a huge traffic loss during the past few weeks starting from August 16 . Based on the freely available tools that we have online, follow some reports that are presented as a short Case Study that would prove that an important algorithmic change has taken place on Google's side, which company to date neglected to answer.

UPDATE # 1: A simple solution has been shared. Please read:

UPDATE # 2: ] Google has just announced the reasons why search traffic has declined:

1. Algoroo

Alogoroo is my favorite tool and it is the only reliable tool I use when observing changes to Google algorithms. If you see the graph below, you would see that the red rectangular bar is high on August 16 and August 21 . This clearly indicates that Google has certainly renewed their indexed data twice on these days. August 16 is the day that the traffic of our blog together with a thousand others has dropped by 40%.

 algoroo shows important changes in the Google algorithm "src =" = 800 "width =" 578 ​​"height =" 184 "/> </p>
<h3> 2. SERPS </h3>
<p align= Serps offers an extremely useful and tracking free tool that shows index volatility for Google and Bing, gives much broader information through different volatility diagrams on a monthly and quarterly basis If you see the spikes in the graph below, you would notice that the changes in Google's algorithms date from June 28-29 and July 26 . See also the stakes on 16th and 21st August

]  serps spikes show changes in the search algorithm "src =" XrM5dcYI / AAAAAAAALB0 / ftP3dLFQbaU / image_thumb.png? Imgmax = 800 "width =" 600 "height =" 177 "/> </a> </p>
<p> <strong> PS: </strong> <em> Click on the image to enlarge </em>. </p>
<h3> 3. SERPMetrics </h3>
<p align= SerpMetrics is the most comprehensive tool because it shows major peaks in search changes for all major search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing. Carefully watch a major peak on August 21.

 image "src =" "width = "600" height = "345" /> </a> </p>
<h3> 4. GoSquared Testimony Proves everything! </h3>
<p align= Now to prove how bad the algorithmic change caused worldwide traffic on August 16, see the chart below is provided by GoSquared that provides real-time analyzes for websites. It is a popular service even used by BBC News and The TeleGraph .

GoSquared proved that was down for an incredible 5 minutes on August 16th People could not access YouTube, Gmail, Google Search, Blogger , Google+ or a service under Google's umbrella, all domains returned under the company a server error between 23:52 and 23:57 BST on August 16 ust 2013.

The graph below shows a large drop in the number of pageviews of the GoSquare tracking tool on 16 August. This indicates that all sites where the Gosquared script was installed did not actually receive Google search traffic for exactly 5 minutes and this caused a serious traffic accident for more than 40% of all sites with GoSquared.

 Gosquared analysis for 40% reduction in global traffic "src =" ? imgmax = 800 "width =" 511 "height =" 218 "/> </p>
<p> This proves it all: Google went back 5 minutes and yet the company ignored comments on this global outage. </p>
<h3> 5. Google could not hide it! </h3>
<p align= After we had contacted the Google webspam team led by matt cutts and waiting for their answers, we could not wait any longer and thought to inform everyone that the above reports are not rumors but facts Google itself! How?

Google has a tool called AppsStatus that shows the status of all sites under the main domain of Google. visit this tool today I am convinced to the to write a case study. pink bullets give [19459] to 005] service failure and you would surprisingly see a pink bullet next to all the services of Google between August 16 and August 17 . Because our blog is hosted on you would note that even blogger was down between 16 and 17 August and this is the main reason that explains why many BlogSpot users were confronted problems logging in to their accounts because the page continued to return a server error.

 google services fell 5 minutes "src =" ? imgmax = 800 "width =" 600 "height =" 526 "/> </a> </p>
<p> <strong> PS: </strong> <em> Click the image to enlarge </em>. </p>
<h3> So now </h3>
<p align= I am sure that it is not only you who have been hit with this latest Google story but indeed all webmasters worldwide, including us and all sites under our network. know if this is a service outage on Google ™ s or they have experienced a server analysis or loss of indexed data or experiment with a new Webspam algorithm, but whatever it is, it has affected all sites globally, regardless of the niche – and content quality – new Penalty that Google will shortly announce for sites that offer Affiliate products or something similar to share. But I strongly disagree with all of these claims because most of the sites we maintain are entertainment based with not even a single affiliate link. Some even said that the fall in traffic is the result of the summer season in the West, but I believe this is not a valid reason, because we have never seen such a huge traffic decline in the last 5 years. Traffic during the summer season is achieved by a small margin of 5-10%, but the SERP & # 39; s loss is this time as high as 90% for some sites, which is alarming.

I would give some tips on what to do to ensure that you get back lost traffic. It is just an SEO experiment with trial and error that we think can bring things to a satisfactory level. Keep an eye out for our next post about Recovering lost traffic due to a Google failure.

Please share your valuable ideas and tell us a new story that could contribute to the case study above. Tell us if you are one of those who has had a road accident in recent weeks. Your opinion on this story can help many people

Friends of peace and blessings.

Disclosure: The above article is only a case study and is not aimed at revealing hidden facts or humiliating the company. We love Google and it means everything to us. We hope that they will solve this problem quickly and give all users the hard-earned traffic.

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