Top 9 ways to make money online in 2018!

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<div class= UPDATE Recently we published the most comprehensive tutorial on how students can earn money online in 2018 . Check it to master the techniques that have helped people earn millions in 2018.
In a world like today, where inflation rises while salaries remain the same, every extra penny can be a blessing. Self-dependence is considered the ideal situation to be in, especially among the younger generation. Because of the ever-rising costs of life and luxury, more and more people are finding that they are working overtime for some extra salary, looking for better jobs, working part-time to cover their expenses, and so on. That is why people want to look for alternative or parallel sources of income. And as they say: " where there is a will, there is a way ". Indeed, there is not one, but many ways you can earn a few extra money. Many of these are online work, which means that you can increase your income while you work in the comfort of your living room!
Most of my blogger friends would know how to make money online through their blogs by earning money with them. But not everyone has a blog, although making a blog is as easy as creating a Facebook profile. However, keeping a blog is not that simple. That is why there are different ways for such people to earn an income in 2018.


I hope that most of you know what freelancing is. It actually works for someone else online and is paid for. This is by far the most popular and most paying alternative for an ordinary office job. And freelancing is in many ways better than regular jobs. First, you may do the work that chooses so that you are interested in it. Second, there is a wide range of things that you can do. You can write articles, translate documents, do programming assignments for someone or include large company projects as a team. The advantage of this is that you earn a lot of money. The disadvantage is that you stick to deadlines.

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Freelancing is great. It is your own way of speaking the world; Hey! I am independent! I do not need a job! I also have a life! Although you have a job technically <i> </i>. But with this job you can take a nap at any time and do what you want, if you do your work. </p>
<p>If you want to investigate this, you can try <a href= 5 ways to win a job as a freelancer for beginners . Or view the Top 10 Freelancing tips.

Online Surveys

Write articles

Freelance writing is another great way to earn online. If you like writing, or if you are good at it, then you should consider this. By writing articles of high quality, you can earn thousands of dollars per month. All you need is the right focus and of course a good publication platform where you can submit your articles.

As far as publication is concerned, you can publish yourself or submit your article in an article folder. You can create a blog for self-publication or use Squidoo or Hubpages. Click to learn more about earning money via Squidoo.

If you do not want to publish yourself, you can send your articles to the top sites that you pay for them. This is one of the best ways to earn online. Make sure you never commit plagiarism. Unique content is appreciated, while plagiarism can result in a ban on you. So be original and it will be fine.

Data entry

Data Entry is another popular money-making technique used by many people. But I have to admit that it is a boring and time-consuming job. There are many companies that want you to do their difficult tasks for them, without hiring a professional. Usually these tasks are simple. Enter one form of data in a form, organize data, delete errors and errors, and so on.

Surfing and searching

Did you know that you can be paid to search on the internet? No joke! Because the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Monopolize the industry, other smaller engines are omitted. So in order to keep themselves standing, they invite those who want to use their engines and offer rewards in return. One of those companies is Swagbucks, which gives you the chance to earn up to $ 5 per search! It's a nice little trick and I know some people who started to earn money. Another is InteradMedia, which pays $ 0.001 per minute in active search. The money is not very substantial, but what is the wrong to make some extra money every now and then?

There is another way! Some websites pay you to surf on them! SurfBounty is a good one. All you have to do is stay on that site for a few seconds to register a "surf". Sit back while the dollars are right! Sounds good, does not it?

Earn via Skype

About a month ago I wrote a message about making money via Skype. You can follow it here: Earn money via skype . But the most important thing is that with Skype you can offer services such as tuition fees to other people and charge them for the conversation via Skype Prime.

Q & A Websites

Some Q & A websites pay you to answer questions! Q & A websites are all about the question that people ask. People ask all kinds of questions on such websites. So the websites hire people to answer those questions. So if you have good general knowledge, why not try it?

Play games to make money!

Every app developer needs beta testers, which have nothing to do with the development of the apps. This helps them to remove errors and errors. This is even more difficult with games. It takes a lot of man hours to test a game. So there are many companies that pay people to play their games and give feedback. In this way they can know if the project would be a failure or a success


Ebay is an advertising website where people place ads for things they want to sell, and then buyers contact the seller to buy that item. If you are good at negotiating, you can make a chance. Buy products at a reasonable price and then sell them again with a profit! This is how real estate works, except in that case, they have to deal with land and houses and large properties.

This was an essence of some things that I have learned. But not all roads are there. You can find more ways on our sister blog Smart Earning Methods . Thanks for reading 🙂
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