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<div align= I found an excellent jQuery-based text recovery script for blogger blogs that allows your visitors to change or change the size of the text in your blog posts. This reduces or enlarges the text size, making your visitors more readable. It is especially useful for people with weak eyes and for people with display problems. Fluid Text Resizer widget is designed by mybloggertricks and the script is inherited from dynamic drive . It appears just below your message titles and your visitors can set the text size at their convenience. Text size on your entire blog is zoomed and zoomed out. From sidebars to footer text, all text is maximized. It also includes a Reset link that changes the default font face. Then let's get started!

It can change the text size of a particular section of your blog on your blog, such as just the primary content or comments area, or the entire document in general.

Live demo

Widget Add Text Performance to Blogger

  1. Go to Blogger> Design> Editing HTML
  2. Back up your template
  3. Check the & # 39; expand widgets & # 39; to
  4. Search for this,


5. Just below it, stick the following code,

var mytextsizer = new fluidtextresizer ({
controlsdiv: "sizecontroldiv", // id or special div containing your resize controls. Enter "" if not defined
target: [“body”] // target elements to change the size of text to be changed within: [“selector1”, “selector2”, etc]
levels: 10, // number of levels users can enlarge (or shrink) text
persist: "session", // enter "session" or "none"
animation : 200 / / change animation duration of text format Enter 0 to disable

6. Next search for this code,

7. Place the following code above it,

Adjust the font size: Reset

You can change the text that is displayed if desired.
8. Save your template and you're done!
Go to a message in your message to see it appear just below the title of the message. I have disabled the widget view on the start page. If you want the widget to also appear on the home page, remove the purple lines from the code in step # 7.

Need help?

Let me know if you want to change something. I will publish more color variations and styles of this gadget today, so stay tuned. Feel free to ask anything that is not clear to you yet. Peace buddies! >

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