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<p align= Last year we wrote an extensive message about understanding what Structured Data is and how it is used to put your site on the most important search engine search engine page. Today you will find the first self-study of Blogger blogs where you will learn how to solve structured data errors in BlogSpot templates Tools & # 39; Search format tab or while using Google rich snippets tool you probably have encountered two or all of these known microformats formatting errors:

  1. Warning: Missing required field " entry-title "
  2. Warning: Missing required field " updated "
  3. Warning: Missing requires hCard " author "

Both users of WordPress as a Blogger have to deal with these problems. We will discuss the blogger troubleshooting guide today and treat the Genesis wordpress platform as soon as possible.

UPDATE: This method repaired all errors on our network sites and those of our customers. Drop errors by 100%. Check the proof here: Remove all structured data errors!

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<h3> What is</h3>
<p align= Schemes are just html tags, which webmasters can use to create their pages in ways that are recognized by Bing, Google, Yahoo !, and Yandex, all of these search engines rely on this markup to improve the display of search results, making it easier for people to find the right web pages.

In Blogger the errors of missing fields are the result of inaccurately placing the schema tags or the absence of these tags that cause two known errors in hAtom that are missing author and updated fields.

What are rich snippets?

In 2009, Google decided to change the way search results become appear to reshape. This was a good step and a search page It has a completely new look to help users find more information on a wide range of topics, including people ( Authorship Markup ), food recipes, events and product reviews. See some examples below:

Rich Snippets for Author

 rich snippets for author "src =" http: // lh5. "width =" 506 "height =" 143 "/> </p>
<p> <strong> Rich Snippets for <u> Product reviews </u> </strong> </p>
<p> <img style= Restoring missing fields in Blogger

To the missing entry title ] updated and author fix errors, we will introduce some schema reviews into your blogger template that will tell search engines how to choose the correct title, author name and published date of the post. The hatom items with errors you see in the webmasters tool are author and updated fields that we will correct here.

Now you can add a number of well-defined schema classes that clean up all the errors you see on the Structured Data tab of the webmaster.

Confirmation of hCard error

  1. Go to Blogger> Template
  2. Create a back up your template
  3. Click on "Edit HTML"
  4. Search on this code

The above HTML DOM can differ in custom blogger to watch templates. In that case, only ensure that the yellow marked codes are found. You only need to find a similar code as shown above. It does not have to be exactly the same.

5. Replace the above piece of similar code that you found with this:

<span class = & # 39; post-author vcard & # 39; itemscope = & # 39; itemscope & # 39; itemtype = & # 39; http: // & # 39; >

<span class = & # 39; fn author & # 39;>

<span itemprop = & # 39; name & # 39; >

If you clearly observe , we simply have a article type a class of author and a name . All three major classes do the magic of repairing the missing hcard error!

6. Save your template

7. Visit the test tool for rich snippets add your URL and you will see that the hCard error is gone!

 copyright "src =" "width = "487" height = "226" /> </p>
<p> The author's field is empty because <strong> fn </strong> in a Vcard stands for <strong> full name </strong> and offers much better information About the Author See an example below for our co-author, Qasim Zaib. </p>
<p> <img style= Is not that cool?

Fixing updated error

Now you can solve the problem of solve Missing: updated error. Google needs to know about the publication date of your message. For this we will enclose the post-time stamp in a new class of updated . Follow this:

  1. Search in this template for this code:

2. You will enter the code find the above code twice. Replace these twice for both instances with the code below:

<span class = & # 39; updated & # 39;>

3. Save your template and you're almost done!

Visit again the rich snippets tool and astonishing that you will see that updated files just work well:

 updated field in structured data "src =" http: // lh5. 25255D.png? Imgmax = 800 "width =" 473 "height =" 263 "/> </p>
<p> <strong> <u> <font size= Fixing title error

PS: Ignore this step if you do not get any errors in the title

This error only occurs with custom blogger templates that have been designed carefree and not optimized properly. , then here is the solution.

  1. Within blogger search for this code:

<h3 class = & # 39; post-title & # 39;>

In your case it could be h2


2. Replace the above code with these two times:

<h3 class = & # 39; post-title entry-title & # 39;>

3. Save your template and you're done!

Rich snippets tool now makes sure your title of entry is correct:

 title field in structured data "src =" UzwyuKCJbeI / AAAAAAAANUE / 868CDwpmN9k / image% 25255B78% 25255D .png? imgmax = 800 "width =" 612 "height =" 244 "/> </p>
<h3> Items with errors </h3>
<p align= Within the next 24 hours, webmaster will update your structured data and show zero for items with errors The number of these items actually indicates your number of messages.This number would be as large as the total number of posts and pages on your blog.We have cleaned up the schedule errors in your template.In the next 24 hours or more Google will show a green signal for your structured data!

 items with errors "src =" % 25255D.png? Imgmax = 800 "width =" 379 "height =" 119 "/> </p>
<h3> Need help? </h3>
<p align= I am sure that this tutorial would be useful to all our readers and might be productive to help Google better index and crawl your sites. feel free to ask us everything you need help with. Friends of Peace and Blessings 🙂

Troubleshooting Guide

These errors will certainly not recover if you do one of the following:

 Author info and time stamp "src =" 25255D_thumb.png? Imgmax = 800 "width =" 521 "height =" 171 "/> </a> </p>
<li> Do not show author information in section Post caused <em> Missing: author </em> error, ie" <em> Without the name of the author with class Fn </em> "</li>
<li> No date or time to mention in the section Post <em> Missing: [Fout] </em> updated. Ie" <em> Without mention of the published time of the post </em> "</li>
<li> You show author information and published time on the homepage, but not on subpage & # 39; s </li>
<li> Do not add the class Updated to timestamp </li>
<h5> <font size= Disclaimer:

This solution was introduced for the first time by MBT- blog Replication of this tutorial in any way without acknowledgment of the source would be a serious violation of the copyright means

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