FileMaker is a relational database application with multiple platforms, developed by [File Maker] . It is a computer software company – a subsidiary of Apple Inc. This application assimilates the database engine with the graphical user interface and offers high security structures and has a drag-and-drop option that allows the user to make changes to the database

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<p> This <a href= relational database application helps in the development, support and marketing of an application FileMaker is known for its user-friendly and the possibility to operate the dynamic web pages without using external applications It comes for both Mac OS and Microsoft Windows operating systems with emphasis on delivering the companies and home users with the best and high-quality experience.

Its success and popularity lie on the two factors: webcompositon and astonishing business templates making it a perfect application for all beginners. It also allows the website administrators to immediately add all database publishing skills to their already running company intranet or website.

It has several versions specially released for iPhone and iPads, such as FileMaker, FileMaker Pro 16, FileMaker Go 16, FileMaker Server 16 and FileMaker Pro Advanced 16.

We already have several tutorials about the use of custom mobile apps for a website shared and I clearly understood how time-consuming it is to completely re-encode an app when we use the MBT app [ontwikkelden] for our blog, therefore we will tell you everything about building a custom app, but we will not say anything about coding, because we do not need coding thanks to Filemaker! 🙂

How to create a custom app with FileMaker?

Creating a custom app with coding is not everyone's job. It requires a lot of effort and research with regard to the programming languages ​​and coding paradigms. That's why FileMaker came into being to ease the burden and make apps ready immediately. Creating an app with FileMaker takes less than an hour to create the base image. The most important steps are:

Planning, making and implementing

Planning process

When you start building an app First and foremost, decide on what and how you are going to build it. Find out all the fields, data and information you need to enter or display and identify all required items and their types.

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<p> Open FileMaker and choose from the given list of databases and complete a database structure. You can create your own database using FileMaker or import all data from the existing database. For example, if you have the records on spreadsheets or a separate database, drag them to FileMaker to quickly enter the data. Once the database is created or all data is imported into the database, FileMaker, open data records and work on the database. layout. The fields can be added and data types can be changed along the way. </p>
<h3> Creation process </h3>
<p> For <strong> design purposes </strong> the user does not have to be a graphic designer, because everything is already built in is and the user simply has to drag and drop or make a choice from the available list of themes in the right pane All controls are designed on a mani there to fit all screen types and a single click can completely transpose the entire app. The attractive design templates, attractive graphs and tables, simple reporting and beautiful fonts and designs save the time and effort of the developer. All these are adaptable and very easy to expand. </p>
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After inserting all data and dragging and dropping the required layout and design, the application is ready to share with others within No time, there are two options to share the app: upload it to the FileMaker server or share it with FileMaker clients, by sharing it on the server, it is immediately available to a larger number of people and helps them in need access to it via their web browser, but authentication is required to gain access.After all planning and creation tasks are completed, the custom app is executed with FileMaker Go.

Implementation process

Once the app is up and running and changes are made while using the app, they are automatically updated for anyone who uses the app on the iPad, iPhone, desktop PC or a Mac book.

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<p> The data can still be imported, relationships can be defined, fields can be added, records can be inserted and much more. Adding and updating the process continues without affecting the already developed custom app. </p>
<h2> Where Filemaker Apps are hosted? </h2>
<p> Hosting the recently built custom application using FileMaker is another tough task that needs to be done after a thorough investigation and analysis. Implementing the app using FileMaker is a fairly expensive option that may not be feasible for different users. The following FileMaker options include: </p>
<li> FileMaker Pro 12 <strong> costs $ 299.00 </strong>. </li>
<li> FileMaker Server 12 costs almost <strong> $ 999.00 </strong>. </li>
<li> FileMaker Go 12 is available for [ 1 9459008] free trial </strong>. </li>
<p> Although there are a number of advantages flattered by FileMaker when it comes to implementation, the total costs become so high that it becomes unaffordable for an average person to use such applications for hosting purposes. </p>
<h2> Affordable solution for hosting the Filemaker </h2>
<p> According to our research and our suggestions, <strong> Hostpresto </strong> might be a better option for deploying the customs app with FileMaker is developed. They offer professional <a href= FileMaker hosting services to host even the largest databases on their most powerful servers. The packages offered by Hostpresto are affordable and designed specifically for all versions of FileMaker. Hostpresto offers two great packages for implementation:

  1. Shared FileMaker hosting: This is one of Hostpresto's most famous services and is suitable for FileMaker 14 or lower and costs about £ 15.00 per month .
  2. Dedicated FileMaker hosting: This is used for FileMaker Pro 15 that requires a special server and costs £ 156.00 per month .

Advantages of using FileMaker

FileMaker allows you to create and implement custom apps for all environments, mobile devices and the cloud to solve problems on the go . The benefits of using FileMaker are as follows:

  1. Cross-platform: Allows information to be shared between all FileMaker users running Mac, iPhone, iPads, Windows and Internet use.
  2. iOS Ready: This creates powerful apps for iPads and iPhones that are on the move and make full use of all features of FileMaker. These apps can also be used to capture photos & signatures, scan barcodes and much more.
  3. Data security: It keeps the data safe and sound by centralizing all information on the FileMaker Server and providing authentications to access it. This allows you to manage user rights individually.
  4. Cloud hosting: FileMaker cloud enables the sharing of information with the team over the cloud, reliable and secure without the hassle of administrating all processes.
  5. Easy integration: With the help of FileMaker, connections can easily be established with existing databases such as SQL, ODBC / JDBC, XML or more. This allows a user to monitor all processes and create information views for the entire company.
  6. Affordable rates: The FileMaker platform is perfect and affordable for all budgets and is relatively inexpensive for large companies that offer the same features at higher rates.
  7. Built-in reporting tools: It offers reports on the spot. It provides a step-by-step assistant to easily create custom reports in a format spreadsheet form with colorful diagrams and different styles.


It is by far the easiest custom-made application solution because it enables young teenagers to build apps according to their needs in no time and without know about complex programming or coding.

If you are looking for a tutorial on how to create a custom mobile app without paying a cent for your websites or blogs, read these tutorials:

Please enter your questions the box below for all questions you have. Would like to answer them all! 🙂

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