Christmas Countdown widget "src =" 25255D.png? imgmax = 800 "width =" 495 "height =" 135 "/> Add a Christmas timer widget to your blogger blog to welcome your blog visitors and wish them a Merry Christmas This countdown timer widget counts until December 25, 2017 and in military time format by counting days, hours, minutes and seconds for the upcoming Christmas event, but also to warn and wish Christmas by generating a pop-up as soon as the countdown finishes JavaScript is provided by <a href= dynamic drive and it is customized and improved by MBT.This widget will be shared at any event here it can be EID, Holi or New Year.I hope you find it useful.It is very easy to install and customize it is that it does not contain any ads because we use a free script that is provided by dynamic driving and saving on blogger. Let's get started!

Live demo

Christmas CountDown add Timer Gadget to Blogspot

  1. Go to Blogger> Design
  2. Choose HTML / JavaScript widget
  3. Paste the following code into it,

<h1 style = " color: # 0080ff ; margin: 0;"> happy holidays!

Make these changes in the colors and the font if you wish:

  • To change the color of happy holidays color: # 0080ff
  • To change the rounded blue border color and size border: 5px fixed # 0080ff
  • Edit the Count Down text color change color: # FF3333

4. Save your widget and say bingo!

Visit your blog to make it work perfectly.

Do you want Countdown to New Year?

Simply change December 25 to December 31 and change Christmas is here! to HAPPY NEW YEARS!

If you know basic CSS, add more flavor and color variation. I hope you might find this cool new widget worthwhile. If you want to share it with your readers, add attributes to MBT and dynamic disk. Let me know if you need further assistance. Peace friends! 🙂

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